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Inspire creativity, 

Inspire generations. 

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A social media app for sharing and creating short music videos,
which inspires the digital generation. Buddyz offer generations with
a wide collection of sound and song clips, which enables to express
themselves by singing, dancing, humour and lip-syncing. The app
incorporates unique transitions and templates to enhance the user’s
experience and engagement.

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Buddies just a Clique away.

Catch up with your favourite’s, influencers, creators and friends
through Buddyz.

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Music Selection

U'll love it!

Exclusive profile experience with a new avatar emphasising on the
user and its bio.



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Connect in no time

Combination of direct messaging and group video calling on an
individual tab to create ease for the user.

Messages with Video call
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The Screen just got bigger.

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Buddyz Phone

Exclusively introducing "Airplay" & "Screen Cast" in the Buddyz app, establishing unique social media standards.

It's Buddyz


Video, a unique expressive experience for the user to meet Buddyz across the globe in style!! 

Filters Screen

Meet In Style

Redesigning social media standards by supremely unique screen designs and templates.

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video recording screen

Experience Uniqueness

User experience is our top priority is ensured by artificial intelligence incorporated in the app to embrace the filters and direct messaging process.

And so much more.

Zemoji icon

Zemoji. It portrays the realistic figure of an individual with an option to change the facial expression through your in-app photograph, it would create a realistic extraordinary social media expression.

Augmented Reality icon

Augmented Reality. Welcoming to the enhanced version of the real world through the use of in-app elements and sounds of Buddyz. The feature ensures an exclusive user experience, high standard social media experience, a mixture of the virtual and real world.

Video suggestions icon

Video Suggestions. a feature to enhance user content and in-app recommendations, which will contribute towards Buddyz app understanding the users preferred choices leading towards a phenomenal content creation by the artificial intelligence providing spectacular suggestions on your video.

Auto Editing Icon

Auto Editing. This feature collaborates with artificial intelligence which enables the app to edit the video without user efforts, this feature would enhance the user content by providing insights after editing the video to embrace video quality.

Hashtag icon

Trending Hashtag. It enables the user to create customised # of their own, Buddyz artificial intelligence ensures #analysis and a # sensational creation to enhance the experience of users followers and Buddyz. This feature sets high social media standards and ensures an exciting user experience.

Scheduling icon

Scheduling. Exclusively unique in-app features which allow you to create and upload countless videos by scheduling the video as per your convenience to connect with your Buddyz without fail.

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Buddyz takes privacy very seriously. That's why we have taken it to the next level by integrating specially designed algorithm which delivers top notch content to the users.

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Technology is most powerful when everyone can use it. That’s why Buddyz comes with accessibility features that support vision, hearing, mobility, and learning needs.

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